Architecture Description Language

ArchC is a powerful and modern open-source architecture description language designed at University of Campinas by the ArchC team in the Computer Systems Laboratory, Institute of Computing.

Our goal in designing ArchC is to provide architecture designers with a tool that allows them to rapidly evaluate new ideas in areas such as: processor and ISA design, memory hierarchy, and other aspects of computer architecture research.

The ArchC Team

Fast prototyping

Easy to use language, describes hardware and processor using high level hardware abstractions.

ISA simulator

ArchC generates compiled and interpreted simulators based on a machine models.

SystemC technology

ArchC is based on SystemC, a hardware description language that receives a strong support from many companies in the computer industry.

Automatic toolchain generation

Generates binutils-based assemblers and linkers, C and C++ Clang-based frontend and LLVM Backends for new models.